Markell and DDOE in Damage Control Mode

What happens when the teacher’s unions of the two largest school districts in Delaware get tired of being ignored by Governor Jack Markell, Mark Murphy and the Delaware Department of Education?  This:

Delaware teachers’ unions: no confidence in education leaders

And this:

Delaware education secretary gets ‘no confidence’ vote

Governor Markell is trying to downplay the frustration felt by parents and educators moving to opt their kids out of standardized tests.  He said opting kids out of testing is “unfair” to them.  Really?  My oldest is in 5th grade.  He is assessed twice a week for hours on end.  Every Wednesday and every Friday he has assessments.  He takes 2 assessments on Wednesdays and 4 on Fridays.  He hates all the tests.  I didn’t like tests in school either.  I didn’t hate them, though.  He finds school boring because it’s all testing.  That’s a problem in my eyes.  He’s very smart, he founded and helps run his own non-profit charity, he’s an outstanding young man…and he hates school because of all the tests.

If opting him out of some of those is me being unfair to him, well, sometimes parents just have to be unfair to their kids.


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