Delaware Parents Need To E-Mail State Rep. Earl Jaques About Offensive & Disgusting Comments About Students

For my kids, it has nothing to do with whether I think they can pass a one size fits all test. It’s about the sheer number of tests and hours spent taking them that they’re required to do. IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Sorry Rep. Jacques, I know how smart my kids are and I know how high they measure, so do their teachers. The State of Delaware can’t figure out how to measure anything in schools. Try again, this time say something less obtuse.

Exceptional Delaware

 “To me, opt out is admitting failure,” said Jaques. “[It’s] saying, oh, I can’t measure up. I’m not good enough to be able to take this test. I can’t pass that test. That’s not the American way.”

Yes, this was said by an elected official yesterday.  This was said by a man who has never been a teacher, but serves as the Chair of the House Education Committee.  As a special needs parent, I was deeply offended by Jaques’ comments.  Usually, I take this education stuff with a grain of salt.  I may get upset, but it doesn’t hit on a personal level.  Mr. Jaques changed all that, because after someone else posted about Jaques calling his own son a failure, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I decided almost a year ago my son would not take the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  I publicly wrote a letter to the…

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