Christina School District Should Apply For A Grant From The Longwood Foundation

At several CBOC meetings, the ideas of private sponsorships and donors has been brought up and talked about. Naming rights to high school stadiums and gymnasiums for contributions to the District, Dow and/or DuPont sponsored science labs and programs.

I believe the current funding legislation would require any major contributions to traditional public education have to go through DDOE to be appropriated to ALL Districts. I might be wrong I’ll have to check, it’s been a few months since we last talked about this type of idea. I’m not necessarily against it. I don’t know about the Kraft Cafeteria in Newark High, but labs, sports fields, gyms, art studios, band rehearsal rooms, home-ec labs, etc. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad if done right.

Exceptional Delaware

Why not?  They already give millions of dollars to Delaware charter schools.  Is it even legal for a traditional public school district to do this?  I have no idea.  But I think the very nature of a referendum should not be legal.  Yesterday’s vote on the Christina referendum shows a clear disparity between traditional public schools and charters.  When a charter needs funds fast, there are many organizations willing to donate funds.  But when a district like Christina needs money, they have to beg for it.  The charters will say they need to beg, but when they get extra funds from transportation funds, non-profits, and even DOE awards, you never hear them offering solutions for the districts that give them their main source of funding.  Nearly 6,000 votes should not decide a source of funding for over 21,000 students and cause the termination of 200 teachers and support staff.

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One thought on “Christina School District Should Apply For A Grant From The Longwood Foundation”

  1. It is ABSOLUTELY permitted to sell naming rights. Some schools at charity fundraisers “name the drive in front of the school for the year”. Additionally, schools can also “trademark” their district and logo, of which Pepsi and such have programs to meet that, and all athletic wear would also see a kickback. Our experience was the $ amount for naming rights had to be significant enough—as in full land donation—or community match in funding to grant that privilege. Your district may not expect as much. Needless to say we had no takers at stated price….but definite interest and inquiries.


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