What The Hell Is Going On With Christina School District?

We saw this frequently during the referenda campaigns. People who would benefit from a greater understanding of how a District operates and spends money before writing woefully inaccurate comments about it.

Popular sentiment seems to be to take aim at the Superintendent for the District’s struggles. I feel the public should be reminded of the purpose and role of the Board of Education. Governance and policy setting. If we’re going to turn over the District Administration for it’s shortcomings, then the Board should go with them for greenlighting the policies and procedures that drove those shortcomings.

The Season Of Myths

In response to my reblog of a post on Kilroy’s Delaware, someone made a comment on my side of things, and it is very damning to Christina School District.  Meanwhile there are multiple accusations flying all over the place regarding a potential mole on Christina’s board.

I don’t understand. Is this meeting called by the school board or Markell? Is Kilroy saying Markell has minions on the Christina school board who will do his bidding to force Dr. Williams out?

As a CSD resident and parent, I don’t think that it is wrong to evaluate Williams’ competency and ability to lead the district. My question would be, why has it taken this long? Under his watch we have seen an increase in unnecessary spending that has created an environment of financial instability.

I know, I know, cost of running the district have gone up and monies coming in have…

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