Christina School District SBAC vs PLI

I’m not even going to write anything, just a graph I modeled off one I found in a blog comment.  It merits some serious discussion and action at the highest levels of our State government, in our Districts and schools.

Christina School District Smarter Balanced proficiency scores compared to the percentage of low income students by school.  modeled on Red Clay’s data, found here:

Poverty. Affects. Education.


PLI = Percent Low Income, ELA = English Language Arts


4 thoughts on “Christina School District SBAC vs PLI”

  1. Interesting data and surely the differences are statically significant. But what do we take away from that – not increase our spending on education and focus our tax dollars on reducing poverty first?


    1. Guy, I think it is way too early to even begin to speculate what to do with this info, especially because SBAC is an unproven assessment. I do think, though, that this appears to be consistent with the research out there that shows the inverse relation between poverty and achievement.


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