About CBOC

The Citizen’s Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) is a volunteer committee charged with overseeing the financial position of a school district or charter school. CBOCs are required by Delaware State Law for each school district and charter school within the state.

3.1 Each Local School District shall be required to establish a Citizen Budget Oversight Committee (Committee) no later than June 1, 10. The Committee shall have access either electronically or in hard copy format to financial documents and financial information the Local School District has in its possession and that are relevant to the financial position of the district, with redactions permitted only to protect confidential personal information regarding students or employees as permitted by the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

3.2 The Committee shall have at least five (5) members with representation from parents, educators and taxpayers residing in the district. In addition, where possible, the Committee shall have at least two members with formal educational or vocational backgrounds amenable to oversight of school district financial statements. Further provided, Committee members shall not be compensated, except for allowable mileage for training or similar activities, for participation on such Committee.

Each month, the Christina School District’s (CSD) CBOC meets to review and discuss the monthly financial position reports generated by the district CFO.  We ask questions about just about everything and our CFO is kind enough to answer every single one.  Our job is to make sure the finances are what the district says they are.  And provided CBOC agrees with the financial position reports each month, the Committee Chairman delivers a report to the District Board of Education at their monthly public board meeting indicating CBOC’s consensus that the financial reports are accurate.

2015-16 presents a challenge for Christina.  Two failed referenda commanded budget cuts totalling almost $9 million.  Class sizes are up, funding is down, and we’re staring a 3rd referendum attempt in the face.  


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