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Opposite Day

In a surprise move, I was invited to become a contributor to DelawareLiberal.net.  I suppose on occasion I write good stuff and people take notice.  So I was humbled in addition to surprised, happily accepted and chose to pen my inaugural post about everyone’s favorite award-winning hypocritical Republ-ocrat: Kim Davis.

<originally posted to DelawareLiberal.net>

I thought long and hard about what topic to make my inaugural post on DL about. There were so many choices. Trump, Cruz, education, anything Delaware like the new Financial Review Committee that Markell created, the Pope. I started an education post and then thought to myself, there will be plenty of time for that, I should write about something that’s a hot topic right now and that won’t be around forever, a 15 minutes of fame type subject. I’ve got it! KIM DAVIS. Yes, she’s still “relevant” and her 15 minute BBC (Bigoted Bible-toting Christian) segment is not quite up yet.

She received an award, yes an award, at the Value Voters Summit (how fitting) that was put on by the Family Research Council. We all know the rule about organizations in the US that have the words “Family”, “Values”, or “Liberty” in them right? This isn’t all too shocking if you know the history of FRC and the “Values” voters. This group of people usually does something absurd whenever they get together but I think giving an award to a woman who openly and flagrantly violated the US Constitution even in the wake of the SCOTUS decision is and used her elected public office to force religious tenet on American citizens in the name of her lord is a new low, even for FRC. Though I wasn’t sure could get lower than receiving a Huckabee endorsement.

Anyway, after she received the “Cost of Discipleship” award in her acceptance speech she said she felt very undeserving, likely because she is. Predictably she went on to thank her Lord and Savior because without Him, none of what’s happened to her would have been possible. I think she was being too hard on herself. This absolutely could have been possible without her Jesus being involved. Violating the equal protection clause solely because she doesn’t like gay people could have found her in contempt of court, landed her in jail, and still on the stage at the Values Voter Summit getting an award for her “courage”.

She ended her speech by saying that throughout her life’s challenges Jesus showed up at just the right time, his timing is always perfect. I went to 12 years of Catholic school growing up. I said “her” Jesus in the previous paragraph because the Jesus I learned about would have been flipping tables left and right in her office while she was denying marriage licenses which makes me think that even though she believes Jesus showed up knocking on her door several times throughout her life, she never opened the door. That’s kind of like me saying I’ve been to Massachusetts because I drove straight through it on my way to Maine.

She was compared to MLK, President Lincoln (he was a Republican you know!), and Rosa Parks because she pursued justice at great personal cost. Justice. It’s like Opposite Day every day for these guys. The justice of discriminating against her fellow Americans because she doesn’t like something about them. How noble.

Kim Davis. Your 2015 Values Voter Summit “Cost of Discipleship” Award Winner.

By the way, I’m Brian. I consider myself a progressive and I’m a brand new contributor to Delaware Liberal. Nice to meet you all.