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14 Years

photo by Ben Sturner
photo by Ben Sturner

Sitting in my history and systems of psychology class in Memorial Hall at UD taught by Dr. John McLaughlin. Sitting in the second to last row of desks, just to the left of his desk. Just before the end of the class, someone came in and whispered something in his ear and he ended class by saying something had happened in New York and DC and we should head straight back to our dorms and find out what’s going on. I walked out of Memorial to see my sister, and my girlfriend at the time both coming up the steps in tears, almost hysterical saying a plane flew in to the WTC. Didn’t believe it at first. Got back to my room, turned on our little 13″ TV and my jaw hit the floor. Saw the 1st tower go down. Saw the second one go down and nearly lost my mind.

My dad was in Baltimore for work that day and my Mom was trying to reach him and my Uncle who lived in Manhattan. Phone service was overloaded, but we eventually got a message from my Uncle saying he was ok and my dad was finally able to get through to my Mom saying he was okay and on the train coming home. UD and the city of Newark essentially went on lockdown and it looked like a ghost town. My dorm room was in Brown Hall, which is just off of Main St and I remember looking out the window and not believing how deserted and quiet it was.