Who Am I?

group golf shotFather of three, husband to one.  Several years ago I reached the conclusion that I wanted to become involved in public service somehow.  I had no idea where to start or what to do so I let the desire cool over the years until October 2013 when my wife happened to mention that the school district we reside in was looking for volunteers to serve on something called their Citizen’s Budget Oversight Committee.  I had no idea what that was about, so I found out by showing up to a meeting.

Citizen’s Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) is an all-volunteer team that functions as an extension of the District Board of Education and reviews financial matters relating to the district on behalf of the board.  We meet monthly to review district financial reports to ensure they align with expectations and make any and all inquiries relating to the financial operations of the district.  Monthly reports are given to the Board of Education summarizing the district’s financial position and CBOC’s support of the financial information provided by the district CFO and the State of Delaware.

It sounds nitty gritty and mundane, but I had no idea how much went into operating a school district.  I certainly had no idea about all the sources of funding and restrictions placed on said funding.  Since September 2013, I’ve been learning more and more about what it takes to run a school district and the education system in our state.  It’s fascinating stuff to me and I’m absolutely into it.

Education is the most important service we provide to our children and I’m honored to play a small part in providing that service.  Two of my children will be enrolled in Christina School District schools in the fall of 2014.  That only makes me want to become more involved with the workings of the district.  I can’t be there in the classroom while they are taught but I can play a part in helping that classroom to exist and function properly.   So that’s what I do.

When I’m not spending time with the school district, I’m working for a pretty large private employer in Delaware doing more number crunching, but this time unrelated to education.  I have three wonderful children and an amazing wife of (almost) 8 years.  I love music, movies, play guitar, drums, bass, enjoy being outside when it’s not the temperature of a blast furnace and will watch any hockey game I can.  All in all, I just want to see my kids succeed and I feel like I can do more than help them develop at home.  I can help make sure the environment outside the home is one they can thrive in, as well.


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